Since September 2019, there has been a rampant increase in the proliferation of the advanced email threat known as EMOTET. There have been numerous, targeted attacks on WA Government agencies. Emotet has the ability to remotely take control of multiple, infected end-user machines, frequently downloading secondary payloads (most often banking Trojans, but potentially any malware), sending spam, potentially conducting DDoS attacks, and much more. It’s primary delivery mechanism is via email and often morphs once deployed in an organisation, designed to be undetectable by many anti-virus systems.

According to the ACSC, the recent publicly reported incidents within the Victorian Health sector were due to an Emotet campaign. (https://www.itnews.com.au/news/acsc-issues-national-alert-over-trojan-linked-to-vic-health-attack-532970).

The best method of protection is through an effective Secure Email Gateway (SEG) solution designed to identify and block such advanced threats before it reaches the end-user mailbox. Gartner illustrate that over 93% of cyberattacks originate via email, therefore utilising a modern Secure Email Gateway solution is imperative for all organisations. The email security Threat Landscape has exponentially changed over the last two years with many solutions not keeping pace with more advanced and evolving threats.

Lumen IT have partnered with Proofpoint, the worlds #1 Email Security vendor in providing solutions for WA Government to protect against Emotet and numerous other threats. We would welcome the opportunity to meet with you to discuss your potential attack surface, should your existing email gateway solution not have provided adequate protection recently. We offer a no-cost and obligation-free Email Security Assessment to test the efficacy of your existing email gateway.

For more information on Proofpoint and their views on the recent Emotet outbreak, please take a look at the attached report - click on the link below to access:

Learn More About The Importance of the DMARC Protocol In Combatting Email Fraud

August 2019

The Australian Government Defense Signals Directorate has published this useful guide on the importance of DMARC.