Servers - the Engine Room of the Data Centre

Top-Tier Server Technology to Run Your Data Centre

At Lumen IT, we know that your essential applications and their data perform best on proven hardware from the industry's most trusted vendors. For server technology we partner with the industry's preferred vendors including:

  1. HPE
  2. Dell
  3. Lenovo order to meet the needs of our clients across a range of requirements. Whether blade format or rack-mount (so called pizza-box), Lumen IT has access to a range of compute solutions to meet the most demanding virtualised server workloads.

Choosing the right server requires careful solution design, scoping and selection, which is then installed configured and tested in order to meet your exact requirements.

Whether standalone or in a cluster, Lumen IT are able to assist with the right solutions for your business.

If you are interested in Converged or HyperConverged solutions, that's another story. Click here for details.

Data Storage

Since Data is the lifeblood of industry, where do you best keep it to ensure it is preserved and protected?

There is no question that the storage industry has evolved significantly over recent years. With many new entrants at all levels of the technology stack, storage is the one element of ICT infrastructure which never stops evolving.

Whether your requirement is to provide high-performance and highly-available storage to run virtualised server images through to slower/cheaper backup storage, at Lumen IT we offer a range of solutions to meet any and all needs, from TBs to PBs in scale.

We see three common deployment profiles of storage solutions deployed in Perth today:

  1. All-flash - extremely fast, with a top-tier price tag
  2. Tiered storage - general purpose workloads
  3. Nearline - for large data stores, eg as a backup target (including some with S3 interfaces)

Some sites will have all three, and others a mix of one or two.

For storage, Lumen IT offers solutions from Hitachi Vantara, HPE, and Dell/EMC.

Most storage buyers will have heard of (or own) SAN arrays, and also NAS systems are very common. A third, and particularly valuable storage class is an Object Store (or Object Repository, or sometimes known as Content Storage).

An Object Store takes usually unstructured files and wraps them in metadata creating objects. The Metadata contains important information about retention, replication, integrity checksums, access control, and other system and user-defined metadata that lives with the object, rather than with the storage system. This uniquely means these types of solutions are able to retain data indefinitely (a permanent digital archive) for legal purposes (think of red-light camera photos), antiquities (preserving the state's historical artefacts) or clinical (an immutable copy of important diagnostic images); in addition to a whole host of other use cases.

Storage doesn't just have to pertain to disk subsystems, tape still plays a role with clients around the world wanting to take advantage of its unique characteristics such as to create an air gap and to provide an offline archive of massive scale for the lowest cost per TB of any device available (including the cloud!)

Lumen IT's vendors include Quantum, Spectra Logic and HPE, and these solutions can scale down to the smallest autoloader, and scale up to meet the most advanced HSM (hierarchical storage) workloads.